Abandoned Dungeons Under the Paper Mill

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Abandoned dungeons Under the Paper Mill seen during Urban Exploration at the Paper Mill located in Trenton Ohio near the Excello Lock. In Trenton Ohio you can find an abandoned paper mill. This area is also known as Excello which is an unincorporated community in central Lemon Township, Butler County, Ohio. Additionally, this was the famous site of “The Excello Lock” which now protected by the Miami Conservancy. Next door to this lock, and who also used this lock to bring in raw materials was the Harding Paper Company which is now listed with the National Register of Historic Places. A.E. Harding, founder of the Harding Paper Company, was born in England in 1829 to a family of papermakers. In 1865, Harding and his associates founded the Harding, Erwin & Company and constructed the first paper mill west of the Allegheny Mountains that manufactured fine writing paper. Initially, this mill had a capacity of 2,500 pounds of paper daily. By the 1970s, and a few ownership changes, the Harding-Jones Paper Company mill had a capacity of 44,000 pounds of paper per day. The plant was acquired by the Simpson Paper Company in 1983 and closed on April 30, 1990. It has been closed and abandoned for the last 25 years. During our URBVEX, or urban exploration, Marko Vovk and Johno Bashian did notice the somebody may have been running a car bumper, car seats, and other car parts business or chop shop at this abandoned site. We also noticed that someone may have done some decorating for a private Halloween party. This place is very dangerous due been very dark, many floors being completely rotted or deteriorated, dangerous underground rooms and toxic chemicals and poison everywhere.
Many paper mill workers have died from cancers caused by paper mill chemicals and contamination. Some of these chemicals but not limited to existed at this and other paper mills ; Sulphate: ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, mercaptan, chromate and other contaminants, sulphite, sulphur, sulphur dioxide, calcium carbonate, zinc, sulphuric acid, lead fumes, asbestos, sulphurous acid, lime, magnesium, pigments, dyes, wood volatiles, ground wood, talc, clays, titanium dioxide, urea, melamine formaldehyde, aniline chlorine compounds, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, boron compounds, caustic acids, melamine formaldehyde, spores, fungi, microbes lead paint and acid. To make things more dangerous was all the abandoned and broken electric tubes that were used for some of the paper mill equipment. These tubes have by not limited to mercury, radioactivity, beryllium oxide (BeO), lithium, cadmium, selenium rectifiers, and finally some oil-Filled transformers.
Marko Vovk
John Bashian
Music and composition by D.R.

Abandoned Mental Hospital Bridge

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Abandoned Mental Hospital Bridge
This bridge was part of a planned Hillandale development. The planned development is found in plat maps of Euclid around 1930. Rumors say that everything was ready to go for this development to be built but the Stock Market Crash of 1929 prevented it from being built. This bridge is now part of the trails in Hillandale Park in Euclid, Ohio. There used to be an asylum at the end of this road. The mental or Psychiatric Hospital or asylum was called Ridgecliff. Ridgecliff was torn down and only empty land not exists. From internet sources, odd experiments were done on patients at this Ridgecliff facility. This was also during the CIA MK Ultra days were mind control was being experiment to thousands of people all over the USA. This is also the time when the CIA and US government used the black and white TV to brainwash the American people. You can see some of this brainwashing techiques on re-run videos on YouTube.. During the 60’s when the channels signed off during the AM hours, they ended with the National Anthem. The entire National Anthem had a double meaning. You can watch this 1960s Government Subliminal National Anthem Video on many YouTube channels. Go to YouTube and search. This video will blow your mind. What most metal hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, Asylums, and the CIA Mk Ultra top secret programs had in common was the LOBOTOMY.
The lobotomy was a type of neurosurgery, or surgery performed on the human brain, known as psychosurgery. The idea behind psychosurgery is that many forms of mental illness or sickness can be treated by changing the way that the brain operates. Doctors and scientists believed that by severing the connections that the frontal lobes ( prefrontal cortex), they could calm patients’ emotions and stabilize their personality.
The first lobotomies were performed during the year 1935 by Portuguese neurologists Dr. Antonio Egas Moniz and Dr. Almeida Lima. They drilled holes in the skull on either side of the prefrontal cortex and injected the connecting fibers with alcohol to damage and destroy them. This procedure resulted in many complications such as damage to other parts of the brain. In 1936, a neurologist and psychiatrist named Dr. Walter Freeman and Dr. James Watts, began performing lobotomies allover the United States visiting many hospitals and asylums. Freeman perfect the lobotomy method. Moniz’s technique, called a prefrontal lobotomy, required a patient to go under anesthesia in an operating room. Freeman wanted to find a technique that was faster, more accessible and less expensive, so he decided to get to the prefrontal cortex through the eye sockets instead. Freeman performed the “ice pick lobotomy.” This was the transorbital lobotomy. Freeman used a leucotome which looked like an ice pick. This tool was called an orbitoclast. After poking the pick through the top of the eye socket, Freeman could enter the brain just by tapping on the orbitoclast with a hammer to break through the outer skull layer of bone. Then he twirled the pick to cut through the fibers. This procedure was repeated on the other side. The transorbital lobotomy took 10 minutes or less. He performed roughly 4000 lobotomies this ways. They quite doing laobomeis in he 60’s with over 60,000 done. John F Kennedy sister was a victim Dr. Freeman. Rosemary Kennedy bore in 1918, the third child of Joe and Rose Kennedy. She was always seen as slower than her siblings. As a teenager, Rosemary became increasingly assertive, and subject to violent mood swings. Her parents gave permission for a new, cutting-edge surgical procedure aimed at calming such behavior, and then being pioneered in the US by Dr Walter Freeman. At age 23, she received a Lobotomy that went terribly wrong. She became a two year old and was hidden in an institutionalized till her death in 2005.
Musing and composition buy M.R
Producer Marko Vovk
Film and Photography John Bashian Photograph and Marko Vovk


Abandoned Power Plant

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Abandoned Power Plant located in downtown Dayton Ohio was visited by Urban explores Marko Vovk and Johnno Bashian. This power plant was outdated and was a coal faculty. The power plant and building became obsolete and was vacated.Description