Photo Gallery


Cut Joist

Cut Joist

Need Electrician

Excessive Compulsive Disorder

Toad in Downspout

Bird Nest in Attic

Dirty Duct

Crushed Duct

Metal Liner

Marko Putting on ‘Dog N Pony Show’
Hot Breaker

Yard Ornament

Marko Posing for Picture


Good Water Heater

Water Heater Causing Carbon Monoxide

Urine Path

Plumbing Leak

Top of Mountain

Water Droplet

New Mexico Home

Small Hole in Roof

New Mexico Fire Department
Flat Roof Leak


Just Bad

Mold in Kitchen

Dew Point Causes Mold

Moist Fan with Mushrooms

Mushrooms on Living Room Carpet

Marko Posing for Mold Shot

Mushrooms Growing in Dining Room

Marko Performing Air Quality Testing

Termite Damage

Termite Damage in Building

Termite Mud Tunnel

Heat Loss From Poor Insulation


Ghosts! (Yeah, right)

Defective Wood Siding

Smoke Testing
Man with Sandals
Hot Transformer
Leaks Behind Siding