EMF Gauge Ghosts Information

 EMF Gauge Ghost Infromation

Your appliances may be producing more EMF's than high tension wires

What Are EMFs?                (Ghost people section is below)

 EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) is electric fields generated by charged particles; magnetic fields generated by charged particles in motion, and radiated fields come from TV, radio, and microwaves. Electric Fields are measured in units of volts per meter or V/m. Magnetic fields are measured in milli-Gauss or mG. The field is always strongest near the source and becomes lower the further you move away from the source.  Check out the EMF photos at bottom of this page.

When Are EMFs Dangerous?

The Swedish government has established a safety limit for exposure to ELF magnetic field at 2.5 mG, and VLF magnetic fields at only 0.25 mG. Some internets sources state that long exposures could cause you to be at risk for developing health problems which can range from headaches, fatigue, and dizziness to skin rashes, miscarriage, leukemia, possibly disturb your DNA, and the EPA states that it is a possible human carcinogen.  Below will give you some tips how to limit your  EMF exposure.

EMF gauge homeowner model for sale


High tension wires are not the only EMF source

I have tested thousands of homes and I do find high EMFs near certain appliances (ex micro wave 300+ mG) and YES you should move certain appliances, clocks, chargers, motors far away from your body. Additionally, you should place your bed in the proper location that is not near your house main power entrance wires or the electrical panel area. Finally, you should not stand in front of a microwave oven.

What Can You Do about EMFs in your home?

 You can hire a consultant and pay them 300-1200 dollars to perform a residential EMF house study.

Microwaves produce high EMF's

CHEAPEST: You can do nothing and just move anything that is plugged into a wall away from your bed. Do not stand in front of electrical appliances. Do not stand in front of  motors. Move your bed and chair away form the house electric wires, panels, appliances, and service feeds, (this includes things  behind walls). Move your computer further back. Throw you cell phone in the garbage (joking).

You can buy an expensive 3-axis EMF gauge for 300-2000 dollars and do your own survey.

Check your bed for EMF exposure and move clocks chargers

You can buy a one cheap 1-axis EMF gauge for $29.99 which includes shipping and handling. This gauge only reads at 2.0 mG. That all you probably need. The red light on the gauge means it 2.0 mg and greater. It is simple, if your find 2.0 mG during your testing, move the source further away or you move your body father away.


Measure EMF in Your Home. Buy an EMF meter. Turn on your EMF detector and hold it near your electrical devices. As you get closer to the device, you will notice an increase in the reading. Run the EMF detector along exposed electrical wires, like in a basement ceiling, to determine if the there is an EMF leak anywhere. The EPA standard for EMF exposure is rated at no more than 1 mG. This is a bit severe. The gauge we off has limit of 2.0 mG. According to the EPA, anything that emits an EMF higher than that is considered potentially unsafe.

These types of lights produce high EMF's. Do not place chairs above these areas on upper floor

BIG TIME: Electric heating blankets give off an electromagnetic field even when they are not on. Sleeping under an electric heating blanket places your body in very close proximity to the EMF being emitted by the device and can result in a wide range of potential heath issue. Some studies indicate that the electromagnetic field produced by an electric heating blanket may influence the potential for miscarriages and childhood leukemia.

BIG TIME: Hair dryers can produce a staggeringly high EMF, sometimes as high as 300 mG. It is recommended by many professional EMF experts that hair dryers not be used on children who are still in their developmental stage. Do not let kids use hair dryers.

Do not stand in front of appliances

MAYBE BIG TIME: Some telephones emit a high EMF and some do not. Use the EMF detector to determine if your brand of telephone is within the safe guidelines. Read the fine print that comes with your phone.

BIG TIME: .If you sleep within 3 feet of an electric clock, especially, the old dial type that has the radioactive green glow in the dark indicator dots.  THROUGH THESE OUT.

MAYBE BIG TIME: IF you might as well sleep under the power lines or next to e poser lines coming into your home or if an electric panel is near,  Move your bed  to a safer zone. Use you EMF gauge.  The magic number 6 feet away works for most appliances.

Move beds away from main service wire and electric panels. This includes the other side of walls.

BE SMART: Practice energy conservation techniques, such as unplugging electrical items, chargers etc that are not in use. Sit at least 6 feet away from the television set and rearrange your home or office setting so you are never too close to an appliance. Try to arrange your appliances, TVs, and computers against outside walls so the electromagnetic field they produce doesn’t bleed into an adjoining room. PLUS move your computer screen a few inches back.

HOUSE WIRING; If you use an EMF detector and determine that your home’s wiring is the root cause for the high EMF, you should hire a qualified electrician to investigate and repair the cause.

Move beds away from outlets and switches

BIG TIME: Do not stand in front your microwave waiting for you pop corn to pop. Microwave is huge EMF producers.

ALMOST BIG TIME: If you have, florescent type lights or lights with ballast move your chairs on the upper floor away so you are not sitting on top these lights.


For certain people (I am not one of these people nor an I a believer), ghosts are a very real part of their daily experiences. Barring spectral visitors from the afterlife, what causes these people to believe they’re being haunted? The Electromagnetic Field Detector, also known as an EMF, is a modern day ghost researcher’s tracking testing device. With this instrument, it is possible to locate and track energy sources.   It will detect fluctuations in electromagnetic fields and low strength moving EMF fields that have no source. 

Ghost pushes door open. If you believe this I have a bridge to sell you.

It is a common theory that spirits disrupt this field in such a way that you can tell one is present by higher than normal readings with EMF meters.  Before using the EMF meter as a ghost research tool on an investigation, be sure to walk around the area and take initial readings around energy sources such as light poles or electrical outlets to be sure of the readings you receive while scanning the area during the investigation.  Most units when purchased come with a manual describing most household and major appliances and their corresponding electromagnetic reading.  

Marko catches ghost in window. If you believe this I have a second bridge to sell you.

When using the EMF as a tracking device look for fluctuations at 2.0 mg,  this may indicate spirit presence.  Anything higher than 10mG or lower than 2mG is normally has a natural source. The gauge we sell on these site only goes to 2.0 mg. If a ghost is present, it will blink caution yellow and danger red.


Check floors above appliances or transformers

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Please call Marko Vovk 216-924-8378 for local EMF testing. Inspections start at $295.