CO Detectors

Low level  CO detectors (carbon Monoxide) sense CO levels as low as 5 ppm (parts per million). LOW LEVEL CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS let you know if there is a CO problem before reaching dangerous, even deadly CO levels. This is long before your other detectors even begin to work.

• Why do I need a low-level monitor?

Low level  CO detectors (carbon Monoxide) senses CO levels as low as 5 ppm (parts per million). Infants, children, and elderly persons with respiratory or heart ailments are provided little or no protection from deadly CO with the older model standard alarms. Did you know that low-level CO above 10 ppm causes illness? (The low-level detector is actually the NCI detector that is only sold by NCI to distributors. Ambassador is a distributor of these gauges.)

• What about the other “detectors” sold at retailers?

Store-bought detectors do not go off until the home reaches unsafe levels of 70 ppm or higher. At that high level, it may be too late. Many of the plug-in detectors do not always allow for proper placement and may not work during power outages. Our detector is battery operated.

• Why are these units more expensive?

Low-level CO detection requires more high tech parts. The Ambassador low level carbon monoxide detector uses the same technology and sensors as the $500 to $2,500 combustion analyzers use.

• How many detectors should I have in my home?

You should have one monitor installed on every level of your home. Single story homes should have one detector on each end of the home

• Children at Risk

Babies and little children are especially vulnerable because they have a lower body mass and so are prone to absorb proportionately more of any poisonous substance. The symptoms of low-level carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, nausea, dizziness and lethargy but will get more dangerous as the CO levels builds up in the person’s body. Many of these can be confused with a cold by any health professional or attentive adult. In addition, as every parent or doctor will know, even getting this much information about how a baby or toddler is feeling can be very difficult because they cannot speak to you. These problems in diagnosing carbon monoxide poisoning as soon as possible make a low-level carbon monoxide detector particularly valuable in identifying the presence of this gas, especially in a child’s sleeping area.

• Where should I place the Ambassador carbon monoxide detector?

CO is lighter than the air we breathe. In other words, CO will rise. Monitors should be mounted at breathing level and no lower. They should be placed in an area with good air circulation. If you have only one monitor, it should be placed near the master bedroom. We also recommended one in the basement, one in the mechanical room and one in any room that has a combustion appliance.

The girl who lived on carbon dioxide CO2  Video by Marko Vovk


What should I do if my carbon monoxide detector goes off?


Call your Ambassador CO Certified combustion analysis at any levels below 70 ppm, unless you have symptoms. Carbon Monoxide exposure can cause nausea, severe headaches, shortness of breath, chest pain, blurred vision, and dizziness. If you experience these symptoms, call 911 and leave the house immediately. The home should be evacuated if carbon monoxide levels reach 70ppm. DO NOT CALL 911 FROM YOUR HOME. GO TO THE NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR’S HOME. Call your utility provider to turn off the appliance until you can have it evaluated or serviced.

Get out of you home. Call the fire department, 911, police station, or other local certified authority.


  • Continuous Scan™ mode lets you know monitor is checking for CO – 24/7
  • Digital display shows CO levels of 5ppm or higher
  • Low Alarm – 15 ppm – audible & visual every 8 seconds
  • High Alarm – 35 ppm – audible & visual every 4 seconds
  • Crisis Alarm – 70+ ppm – audible & visual every 2 seconds
  • 5-minute “Hush” button for levels below 70 ppm
  • Designed for wall installation or tabletop use
  • Replaceable 9V battery ensures operation even when power is out
  • 2-Year limited WarrantyHow do I buy an Ambassador low-level carbon monoxide detector?
    We will provide several ways you can purchase your own low-level carbon monoxide detector

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