Multifamily Radon Testing

Multi-family Radon Testing

This video will provide important information to tenants, landlords, managers, and building owners about the new HUD guidelines and the new EPA Government requirements for multifamily radon testing. These new rules apply to properties that will have HUD government loans, refinancing, sale, for building purchases, and or renovations that utilize these types of loans.

Radon is the leading cause of cancer among nonsmokers in the United States, and can be easily mitigated and removed as long as it has been idenfired. EPA recommends testing all homes and building for radon gas.Multifamily Radon Testing Video
If the building has 5 or more units, it is considered a multifamily building. There are many radon testers, however, there are not many Multifamily Radon Testers. Most states require separate additional licensing or certification for Radon Multifamily Testing. Check your state for Radon Professionals that are certified to perform Radon Multifamily Testing.
This video will show you what to expect when you have your building tested for multifamily radon testing. First, you will need to contact your Multifamily Radon Professional. In the Cleveland and Ohio area, you may consider contacting Marko Vovk. You should contact your radon professional 1 -2 weeks in advance. This gives some time for the Radon Professional to order fresh radon tests. Your radon professional may want to meet you and look at the building that will require radon testing. At that time, they will  provide some simple instruction and they may also provide some occupant notification signs.  These signs will let all occupants know about the radon testing that is being performed. During the schedules radon testing, the radon Professional will post signs instructions, some rules including, but not limited to keeping all windows closed during radon testing period.
In Ohio and many other states, all units or  all rooms must be tested on the first, basement, or lowest building level. Then every floor must have a minim of 10% of its units tested. Finally, the radon professional is required to add 10% duplicated tests, 10% bland tests  and 3% Spike tests.
Let’s say you have a 13 story building with 11 units per floor and 10 rooms on the first floor. You would need 10 tests on the first floor, 26 tests on the upper floors, 5 duplicates, 5 blanks, and 3 spikes. This building example would be 48 radon tests. The fee for this quantity of testing can range from $1500 to $3000 depending on your radon consultant, travel time, expenses, etc. Small units would be less and larger units would be more. SAMPLE REPORT BELOW LINKS

SAMPLE Multifamily Radon Test Report

      1. Your radon professional will spend roughly 4-8 hours preparing the radon tests, signs, duplicates, spikes, and other paperwork.
      2. The radon professional will then go to the multifamily building and begin placing radon tests. A building manager should accompany the radon professional. Placing 48 canisters can take 6-8 hours. It is advised to have one extra back up unit per floor in case an occupant forgets locks their door or they may not be home. If the radon professional has to come back, you can guarantee additional trip charges.
      3. Two to three days later, the radon professional will return to the building to retrieve the radon tests. This process is much quicker and may take only 3-5 hours, assuming we are picking up 48 tests.
      4. These 48 tests are then sent to a state certified laboratory overnight.
      5. The radon professional has 14 days to generate the full report. One copy of this report is sent to the client, one copy of this report  sent to the state, and one copy of this report is filed at  the radon professional’s office.
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Multi-Family Radon Testing Video Link

Multifamily Radon Testing Video


SAMPLE Multifamily Radon Test Report