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Marko Vovk a Certified ASHI home inspector from Ambassador Construction Consultants LLC has been conducting lead paint consultation for over twenty years.  Marko can perform a  lead inspection, a lead paint clearance, a lead paint assessment or a lead paint screen, Additionally, Marko  can provide  consultations.

Lead Consulting Services start at $195. Please call 216-924-8378.

Sample Lead Clearance Report for Exterior Only

Sample Lead Clearance Report for Interior and Exterior

Photos show templates used for lead dust testing during a lead clearance test.

You need to read these free downloads.

Reducing Lead Hazards When Remodeling Your Home

Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home

Testing Your Home For Lead in Paint Dust and Soil


that any home built before 1978 may contain lead-based paint, which can cause developmental problems in children younger than six?
that home renovation can create lead hazards by producing airborne dust with lead particles when windows and walls are removed?
that many of Ohio’s single-family houses were built before 1978? Renovation projects can create hazardous situations in homes with lead-based paint. If you plan to renovate an older property, be safe and have the lead levels tested by an Ohio certified inspector.
that roughly HIGH% of all inner city children have high levels of lead in their blood? Cleveland has the highest percentage of lead paint poisoned children in the nation. Lead poisoning can damage a young child’s brain, causing learning and behavioral disabilities. Many studies have shown that lead has a wide range of toxic effects.
that children are usually poisoned by lead in peeling paint, dust, and soil? Children swallow the lead that gets on their hands and toys in normal hand-to-mouth behavior. The amount of lead that will poison a child is microscopic.
that Ohio and Cleveland passed new laws and ordinances pertaining to lead paint? This is the new Cleveland ordinance that passed on 8-11-04. This is a 19-page document. If you are a property owner or live in the city of Cleveland, you need to read this entire document. The ordinance incorporates provisions from the State Lead Law, establishes a lead hazard disclosure requirement based on the Federal requirement, and declares lead hazards a public nuisance. In addition, the ordinance creates a voluntary program for property owners to obtain Certificates of Lead-Safe Maintenance and Lead-Free Status, which provide a liability defense in case of a lead poisoning lawsuit. Please download this document.
that if a redevelopment project is to receive assistance from Housing and Urban Development funded programs, that certain rules apply? HUD regulations require that if more than $5,000 per unit of federal assistance or rehabilitation will occur on a residential property, a risk assessment is required.
that after the property is rehabilitated and before occupancy of a dwelling unit, a lead dust clearance test is required?
that along with the federal rules and regulations, the State of Ohio has laws also, which must be followed? Basically, the State of Ohio requires that a contractor or worker engaging in lead activity be licensed.


 Photos show failing paint and  dust in wintow trough.

You can download the following PDF files:
Lead Paint Safety (roughly 84 pages)
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Protect Your Children From Lead Paint Poisoning
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Lead In Your Home – a Parent’s Reference Guild
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Ten Tips To Prevent Lead Paint Poisoning
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Protect Your Family From Lead Paint
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Reducing Lead Hazards In Your Home
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Testing Your Home for Lead
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Lead Risk Assessment Report Copy
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Clearence Report Copy
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Reducing Lead Hazards When Remolding
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Residential Questionnaire Form
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