Rates for 2013-2014


1950 square foot, 4-bedroom, 3-bath,  basement, 2 car, home + Radon Test  + Free pest consultation + 200 photos, + Dragon voice recordings + 2000 word typed and numbered executive summary + 32 page on site report + all burned on CD on site  in Cuyahoga County  would take (3 1/2 – 4 1/2) hours and would  cost $445.    (Without radon test $325) 

Home Inspection

Single family (Inspection time 3-5 hours)                            335-365 (most homes)

Condominium (High rise interior unit only)                             245-295

Condominium ( Townhouse, side-by-side, row, quad)            295-345

House inspection under 1500 square foot                              335

House inspection under 2000 square foot                              335-375

House inspection under 3000 square foot                              345-395

House inspection under 3500 square foot                              365-425

House inspection under 4500 square foot                              425-495

Note: Inspections include 200-400 photos, 32 page punch list report, 2-5 page 2000+ word typed executive summary, Dragon 11.5 voice recording of entire report, 3-5 hour inspection, and all put on  2 CD’s, or USB.  One CD/DVD/or USB for client and on CD/DVD/ orUSB for agent.

Multiple family (Inspection time 4-5 hours)

Two family (up and down)                                                     395-425

Two family (up and down with 3rd )                                        395-445

Two family (side by side)                                                       445-495

Two homes same lot                                                               495

Multiple family                                                                          Call

StripCenter                                                                              Call

Commercial                                                                              Call

Express Inspection No tools, No report only photos

On CD at end of 1-2 hour inspection                                         195 (for investors only (add $10 for USB)

Express Inspection No tools, No report only photos

and recording on CD at end of 1-2 hour inspection                    225 (for investors add $10 for USB

Ancillary inspections

Radon Test with home inspection                                                     150-156

Radon Test without home inspection                                                 175-195                 

WWI (With home inspection and radon test (no report)                                      Free (verbal)

WWI (Ohio WWI report form, cert, FHA)                              Sorry we do not do these

Abestos                                                                                Sorry we do not do these

Note: If we see something we may mention it on the home inspection report (NO CHARGE)

Lead Assessment and report with no samples                                 295

Lead Clearance and report                                                             195

Lead dust  or soil Samples                                                              16-23 each

Lead phone questions, consultation about your problems     $29/20minutes

Go to “Call Marko With a Question” PayPal                            $29/20minutes

Mold two air tests and lab report only                                       295

Mold air tests, lab report, and house evaluation                       395-495

Mold evaluation, 1-2 hours,  photo, and recording only           195

Mold evaluation, 1-3 hours, photo, recording and report          345

Consultation for mold, moisture, odor, and anything go to the “Ask Marko A Question” and pay $29 PayPal and he will call you back with 20 minutes of time.   

Consultation with only photos and voice recordings on CD       195 (most common or $125/hour)

Add for 5-10 page typed report (must wait 5-10 day)                 125 and up

Note: Consultation will include 100-500 photos, voice recording and all put on CD or USB . Report if desired is extra and is emailed.

Expert witness inspection and report with lawyer                 600 

Expert witess through TASA service (DOUBLE ALL FEES)

Example: Trip and Fall, faulty construction, non disclosure, etc

Expert Witness inspection and report without lawyer           495

Expert Witness inspection with lawyer                          $600

Afternoon deposition or testimony                                   450

Moring and afternoon deposing or testimony                      900

ALL Depositions must be paid in advance.

Forensic Residential Investigaitons

Dust evaluation plus report                                            495

Dust full particle identifying plus report                              795

VOC Sumo                                                                          600

Silica, glass, and other trace                                                Call

Asbestos                                                                         Do not do

A). Rates can vary and change depending on house type and distance traveled

B). We can do the inspection quicker and write report at office and email report for clients who cannot be at the inspection for 3-5 hours.

C). Why does it take us longer to do an inspection then other inspectors ?     Because  we do a lot more. We take 300 photos, we take 15-30 Dragon 11.5  voice recordings, we perform visual moisture/mold/energy/building science, we do a combustion analysis when applicable, and then we burn everything to  a CD or DVD. All this takes more time.