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  • January (ASHI   Nashville  2 at 2 hrs each) (New Safty Class and New Moisture Class)

2013    Completed Shows   “The Jim and Marko Show”

  • January (ASHI LV  4 hrs),
  • September (ASHI NEO 3 hrs),

Short Skit from a Jim and Marko Show Trip

2012     Completed Shows   “The Jim and Marko Show”

  • January (Phoenix Arizona 4 hrs),
  • February (ICC Minnesota 8 hrs),
  • September (AHSI Pittsburg PA 4 hrs),
  • September (ASHI Kansas City4hrs),
  • October (Casey O’Malley Las Vegas 4hrs)
  • Cleveland(Several local shows thought-out the year)

Short Skit from a Jim and Marko Show Trip


We are now scheduling for 2014.  Call Marko at 216-924-8378.

We have two new shows for 2014. One show is about SOILS. The second show on Safty (with green screen skits –fun stuff).

(Fees should include our rates, airfare, parking inCleveland, taxi or car rental, hotel, one meal on arrival day)

The following are “The Jim and Marko Show” Classes.

Please call Marko Vovk at 216-924-8378 to schedule your class. We can provide a 2, 4,0r 8 hour class. Most of the classes  below are 2 or 4 hour classes. You can combine classes. We can also curtail a class for your needs. Our fees range depending on distance traveled, days on the road,  air fare, hotel, projector rental and other.
The Jim and Marko Show has performed over 15o classes in the last 6 years. We have been toTucson,Atlanta,  Minneapolis,St Paul,New Orleans,Las Vegas,Florida,Columbus,Pittsburgh,Akron and mostlyCleveland.

Your Instructors:

Jim Nemastil, president of Nemastil Home Inspections, has performed over 13,00 home inspections and provides CE classes for realtors and inspectors. He holds a Masters degree from Miami University of Ohio. Jim holds state licenses in radon, lead, and termite. Jim is a certified ICC IRC B1 inspector. Jim has been certified in carbon monoxide and has been a certified indoor environmentalist.  Jim has been an ASHI member for the last 25 years.

Marko E. Vovk, has a bachelors of civil engineering from (CSU 1988), author ( The Illustrated Mold Handbook), and expert witness. Marko is licensed in radon, lead, and termite. He has performed over 13,000 building inspections and residential forensic investigations. Marko has certifications in carbon monoxide and HVAC air balancing and diagnostics. Marko is a certified Indoor Environmentalist. Over 40 percent of Marko’s business comes from House Scene Investigations or Residential Forensic Investigations. Marko has been an ASHI member for the last 20 years.

Environmental Health Hazards in the Home

Course Description:
Short skit from a Jim and Marko Trip

The purpose of this seminar is to help the house inspector become familiar with the most common environmental hazards within a house. Specifically, lead, asbestos, and radon hazards will be covered. In addition, the hazards and most common causes of carbon monoxide will be covered. After completion of this course, the house inspector will understand not only why lead, asbestos, and radon are hazardous, but will also know simple ways to test for and/or identify such hazards within a house. Many slides with pictures and examples will be provided to demonstrate these hazards and ways to recognize and manage them.

Wood Destroying Insects

Course Description:

The classroom is abuzz when inspectors are learning about the variety of wood destroying insects and other household pests and all the problems they cause. Carpenter ants, termites, powder post beetles, birds, pets, rodents and a special section on bed bugs will be covered. Inspectors will not only learn ways to identify pests and how they infest structures, but also methods of prevention and elimination. This class is a must for inspectors who do not want to be scratching like a hound after a home inspection. Many actual case studies are provided.

The House Whisperer

Course Description:

You will have to listen closely so you do not miss the many examples and case studies that are presented in this class on how homes convey, hint, or whisper information that indicate problems or certain undesirable conditions which exist within a house. After this class you will better see, how such conditions can potentially make inhabitants sick, create undesirable or unmarketable conditions, and create a house environment which is expensive to maintain. You should also get a sense on how undesirable sites or house locations can create chronic house issues. Rest assured, this is no “touchy feely” course

House Anomalies

Course Description:

If you’re looking for a class that will provide case studies on strange, unusual, or unique house conditions that exist within or around a residential property, this course is for you. This course contains numerous case studies of rare and unique occurrences and phenomena that have arisen during home inspections or residential forensic investigations. The course will teach the inspector how to indentify and analyze strange, unusual, or unique conditions that are outside of the norm. This course will also enable the inspector to provide advice from which solutions for such conditions hopefully can be developed. 

The Residential Forensic Investigator

Course Description:

There are many ways in which moisture can enter a house. This course will teach you most all of them. With the help of building science, various methods and causes of moisture intrusion into a structure will be defined and discussed. This course will give both the novice and experienced Home Inspector an edge in diagnosing both unique and common residential home inspection conditions. Numerous forensic investigation case studies using a variety of techniques and procedures will be provided.

Major Home Deficiencies The Ten Plagues

Course Description:

This course will provide a clean insight into the biggest reasons why houses have major deficiencies. This illuminating 200+ slide show power point presentation will describe how poor design, bad location, substandard building materials, environmental conditions, poor soil, bad construction practices, building material failures, incompatible systems & pests (both human and non) can cause major deficiencies within a house. A show that can’t be missed.

Residential Moisture Intrusion

Course Description:

This course will provide the experienced home inspector all the necessary skills to perform Residential Forensic Home Inspections. This course will give both the novice and experienced home inspector an edge in diagnosing residential home inspection conditions. Goals of the course will include learning about the various moisture intrusion vehicles, building science and understanding basic building science concepts. Numerous forensic investigation case studies using a variety of forensic tools will be provided to accomplish this objective.

Cladding and siding failures; the three little piggy’s and their cousins

Course Description:

Everyone knows the story of the three little piggy’s and the problems with their homes. If they would have taken this course, they would have had a better understanding of how  house cladding  and siding should be installed and why it often fails. A brief history of American claddings  and their issues;  both past and present will be discussed. After completion of this course, the home inspector will be better prepared to identify existing and potential problems with exterior cladding and siding systems and be able to provide clients advice and guidance on how such problems can be remedied    

Understanding soils and how they can cause house defects

Course Description:Why is this house slipping down the hill? Why is this basement wall bowing? Why is there so much radon in my house? It’s the soil, stupid! This course will provide the house inspector with a in-depth knowledge of how different soil structures, preparation and installation can affect the soundness, longevity and habitability of a house.

Case studies  will be used to illustrate the risks and problems of building on undesirable or ill prepared soils. This course will also teach the inspector to better identify foundation or structural problems, and other issues related to construction on  poor soils. 

To be safe or not to be safe?  That is the Question

If you don’t want a tradgedy during a Home Inspection  this is the course for you.  This is not your ordinary safety class telling you how to put up a ladder.  It’s one that will not only explain  the safety concerns related to paw prints, animal droopings or chewed holes in siding,  but one that contains live footage showing  a lighting of a furnace “ gone bad”.     A myriad of rare and unusual safety risks  experienced during Home Inspections will be provided. This show was originally called ‘The Seinfeld Home Inspection Safety Show”

This show was a scream when we did it for the first time 10-2013

New classes for 2015

  1. Tools for Home Inspectors, Residential Investigators and the Expert Witness
  2. Flying Circus of Home Inspection
  3. Trip, Slip and Falls
  4. Expert Witness Case Studies

 Please call Marko Vovk at 216-924-8378 to schedule your class.

Short Skit from a Jim and Marko trip


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