Window Failure Pella

Window Failure is occurring on many aluminum clad Proline windows. Pella Proline windows are rotting, failing and deteriorating all over the country. Marko Vovk shows how they fail in four different ways.

Watch my video on the newest window problems in the USA. Millions of windows are rotting.

Video explains how aluminum clad and vinyl clad casement, awing, double hung, and single hung windows and sliding exterior doors deteriorate. The video shows four different ways these windows and doors fail. These windows and doors can deteriorate from, poor design, poor manufacturing, poor installation, and high indoor humidity. These windows and doors have an aluminum and vinyl exterior adhered window skin. This exterior window skin acts like an exterior vapor barrier which traps moisture and does not permit the drying to the exterior. When it is cold outside, which occurs in cold weather climate zones, which is roughly 60% of the USA, a dew point forms on the interior side of the vinyl and aluminum skin resulting in condensation, rot, deterioration and failure. Homes with moisture generators such as vent less heaters, poor dryer vents, furnace humidifiers, vented crawl spaces, foundation leaks, and sump pumps that do not have 100% sealed lids create high indoor humidity which augments and accelerated the deterioration process of these types of windows. . The video will teach the observer about building science, vapor diffusion, high indoor humidity, high indoor vapor pressure, condensation and residential window forensics. Additionally, the video will show examples of Marvin, Pella, and Andersen and other manufacturer windows that are experiencing window failure problems, homeowner complaints and class action lawsuits.

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