Cleveland Ohio Secret Radiation Exposure

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Cleveland Ohio “Top Secret” radiation exposure site with radioactive soil and dust contamination pollution located in the “Cleveland Flats” at the empty or abandoned “Harshaw Chemical Plant” that once refined uranium for the US classified “Manhattan Project’ that dropped the “Big Man” Atomic Bomb and ” Little Boy” Atom Bomb a “Weapon Of Mass Destruction” onto Japan ending WWII. In 1939 German scientists discovered that uranium atoms could be split, releasing energy. With this new scientific information, the US government realized they could create a powerful “atomic bomb” (A-Bomb). This is also one the reasons why just three days after the “Nazi Germans” surrendered, the US government hired hundreds of NAZI war criminal scientists under the USA classified “Operation PaperClip”, which contributed to our space (Satern Project), nuclear, military (Cold War), and other technology programs. A company called Eldorado operated the Canadian “Great Bear Lake” uranium ore mine. This town name was eventually changed to “Radium Port” and later “The Town of Widows”, because most people died of radiation poisoning. Neither the Canadian government, Eldorado, nor the US government warned these once fishermen natives of radiation dangers. Uranium was transported many timed by untapped rail cars through farmland, towns and cities. Maybe this is why we have higher cancer rates near rails. For every 500 lbs of uranium ore or Yellow Cake, you only produce 1 lb. of usable uranium metal. To make this crazier, out of this one pond, you might get one once or weapons grade plutonium or enriched Uranium which is what was used to make atomic bombs. On August 6 and 9th of 1945 President Truman dropped on Hiroshima the 9,000 pound Little Boy bomb and Nagasaki, the 10,000 pound Fat Man bomb which killed a combined 250,000 people.
This Japanese Killing machine was known as the Top Secret Classified Manhattan Project which employed 130,000 people numerous at sites. One of these sites that were designated top secret, classified, and still today is radioactive was the Harshaw Chemical Company located in Cleveland, Ohio at 1000 Harvard Ave which is still standing. From 1942 through 1959, 1,500 workers refined uranium. Some reports indicated that this Cleveland plant discharged 4,000 pounds of radioactive uranium-fluoride dust particles into the air. It is possible that 60,000 lbs of radioactive dust blew downstream throughout the Cleveland Flats and into the Cuyahoga River. Furthermore, it is alleged that radioactive Yellow Cake may have been stored on Cuyahoga River bank”.
During the Cleveland plants operation, where did they dump all the Uranium tailings, and radioactive waste?
Additionally, someone tore down most of the Harshaw buildings on this 40 acre site? Where did they dump this debris? Why is the land on the other side of the river gated and pad locked? Recently they just built Steelyard Commons strip center which us roughly 1300 yards away. What did they do with all that soil they removed or scraped from the surface to build this strip center development? What is that huge pile of soil doing behind Target?
Why are five buildings, still standing at the Harshaw Chemical Plant with double fences and signs that read “Danger Radioactive”? If our Pinocchio government did not keep secrets and lie, I might not be asking these questions.
It is alleged that federal authorities placed Harshaw in the Superfund cleanup program and paid out more than $5.5 million to former workers who were contaminated. The Army Corp released an assessment of Harshaw in April 2001, 2006, and 2009, which ultimately concluded that there remains “no imminent threat to human health or the environment” at the site. So why was the 85 million dollar Ohio Canal Corridor’s Towpath Trail bike path stopped at the Harshaw Chemical Plant?
I guess we should just believe the EPA and our government because they know what is best for the people. So let’s not worry about the Americium-241, Cesium-137, Europium 152, Europium-154, Lithium, Molybdenum, Kerosene, Neptunium-237, Plutonium-238, Plutonium-239/240, Technetium-99, Total Uranium, Uranium-233, -234, -235, -236, and -238,Radium-226, Radium-228, Thorium-228, Thorium 230, or there radioactive e half-life’s that will last our children’s children, children, “To The Ninth Power’ lives. As I drive by the 1000 Harvard property and see the two special operations guards that park their black SUV’s in front of the building, or sit inside on the second floor because the one light is always on, you wonder what did they told them.

Cleveland Ohio Secret Radiation Exposure


  1. Amid Yousef says

    Dude *MARKO* that took guts! Great job exposing the TOXIC Nuclear waste in Cleveland’s flat blocking LIFE in that area. Hello Pinocchio *Public Servants* acting like TYRANTS! When can we start prosecuting these creeps? Marko, I want to do a segment with you on 9:30PM LIVE

  2. Compwhiz128 says

    Oops, Marko, remember love canal? how the government screwed over the locals there and blamed it on someone else unrelated to the incident?

  3. CuteCatFaith says

    Apparently there is a serious radioactive accident in Carlsbad, NM — as of this past weekend. daboo77 has a clip up of it — cannot verify the veracity of that clip but it’s scary stuff.

  4. Al Tibbs says

    Thanks Marko!!! You know I worked downwind from the plant for approximately 10 years. Is that why people say I glow at night??

  5. Michael boyd says

    I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio near West 7th and Starkweather I work for a company called advanced foam and plastics they were using this chemical called methylene chloride mind you this stuff I eat just about any material well they had a chemical spill and it went in the water drainage OSHA showed up the next day and a little known fact I found out fit leaded gasoline in the old days I would give to people that are sensitive the lead with drive you crazy oldies a lot of women were in m

  6. Wesley p says

    you do know that instead of all this speculation you can just walk down to
    these places and take readings of the amout of rads in the area right? its
    really the most simplistic thing to do today. much much easier then
    speculating. im sure you can also go and collect soil samples from around
    or near these locations and have them sent in for testing for heavy metals
    and radioactive properties. also dont forget, the entire earth is
    radioactive. some radioactivity will always be present, its only when it
    gets upto abnormal levels that it starts to effect health. people with
    marble and granite counter tops dont complain about those stones being
    radioactive. its because their not radioactive enough to hurt them.

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