The Cleveland Plan Dealer Free Paper

The Cleveland Plan Dealer Free Paper
The Plain Dealer.
The Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper is Littering Suburbs with Pollution, Garbage, and HAS poor waste management. The Plain Dealer is blighting, polluting, and dumping thousands of pounds of newspaper and plastic onto the more fortunate, rich Cleveland Suburbs’ personal properties. The Plain Dealer accomplishes this by employing delivery contractors who throw this trash in your driveway, driveway apron, lawn, and tree lawn from moving car’s open windows. They do this very early in the morning while you are sleeping. It also appears that the Cleveland Plain Dealer may also be practicing some discrimination, because this pollution and dumping of garbage is only done to the richer unsustainable single family homes defined by United Nations ICLEI International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives” which basically implements AGENDA 21, which Cleveland, Akron, Alliance, Oberlin and 600 other US cities are members off. Many Cleveland suburb cities, which also include Hudson, Ohio and Lakewood, Ohio, are considered unsustainable cities because we own cars, eat meat, ski, and golf, have fences, and live in single family homes. You won’t see this trash dumping on Cleveland’s 66th and St Clair, an inner city area that houses the less fortunate, collective. Every winter when the snow melts, you see hundreds of plastic covered newspapers on my unsustainable Lakewood Street, and many homes have 5 or 6 pieces of this Plain Dealer trash. Furthermore, I see this trash all winter in many other unsustainable single family Cleveland Suburbs during my home inspections. I tell my clients to make a police report and then call the Plain Dealer to come and pick up their trash from their yard.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer and all the Sun newspapers are owned and and or affiliated by Advanced Publications Inc. This is a Multi-Billion-Dollar per year Media Tycoon. This company owns over 50 newspapers, over 50 magazines or periodicals, over 50 internet channels, many cable TV channels and more. Most media in the USA is controlled by a very small group of elite and most of these elite members belong to the “The Council on Foreign Relations”. This is a ruling elite group that is pushing a one World Government. They want to overthrow our Constitution. They want to abolish American Sovereignty, and they want to lower the earth’s population. Furthermore, this group controls the US Government behind the scenes, controls most of the US media, controls foundation grants, and controls education. Finally, they control and guide every single news event and issue of the day. Furthermore, they control most of the news events and issue options that may be available. We are getting bias news.

If the Cleveland Plain Dealer can litter, others can too. The Hudson Hub also owned by a differ conglomerate pollutes the Hudson front yards. What is ironic is that in August 11, 2013, the Hudson HUB reported about a man who threw a soda cup on the ground and a Hudson police officer told the man to pick up his trash or he would be fined. Who is going to fine these conglomerate newspaper polluters? So not only do these entities pollute our unsustainable single family yards, they brainwash us with their twisted bias news and this is the same garage news they print, televise, and distribute through most USA media.

I remember The Plain dealer interviewed me for 1 hour, sent me 200 pages of testing results, and ask me for a professional opinion on The American Greeting Card main building. I told them the building can be repaired. The Plain Dealer interviewer asked me what if it cost millions and millions dollars to clean up asbestos, lead and mold ? What should American Greetings do ? I told them to sell it and move. The next day, the front page read, Mr. Vovk said, “Sell it and move” and that was it. The best part of this is, that I am a nobody, and they wanted an opinion from me.

OK You now think I am nuts. Why don’t you put down your paper, turn off your radio, turn off your TV , and go look this stuff up? While you’re doing this, Cleveland, an ICLEI member will continue to knock down homes, cut off the utilities to these properties, and turn them into temporary urban sustainable gardens.

OH, I forgot the plastic used for the newspapers is a suffocation risk. So don’t try to eat it. Folks, these Brainwashing Media’s are turning its readers into their ZOMBIE COLLECTIVES.
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