Water in furnace when AC on can cause carbon monoxide, rust and other HVAC problems

Water in furace.

If water is dripping out of your furnace (water in furnace) while the AC air conditioner is running and, HVAC, or Heat pump, you most probably have a blocked condensate drain pipe.
Grains of moisture are taken out of the warm house air as the air moves across the coils which carry the refrigerant that are located inside your furnace. These grains of moisture condensate onto these coils. This lowers the indoor humidity, dehumidifies, and provides cool conditioned air. This condensate drips into a drain pan and is discharged. If this drain pan is dirty, or the discharge pipe is plugged or clogged, water overflows and backs up into your furnace. This problem can also be caused be the fan speed, problem coolant fluid levels, or other issues. This is why you need to call a trained HVAC man. This dripping water can short out your HVAC circuit board, it can rust your heat exchanger, and it can create rust in your heat exchanger burner orifices. This can potentially created incomplete combustion during the heating season which can result in carbon monoxide poisoning. If your furnace is leaking, turn off the AC, dry up everything you can dry up, plug in your Home Depot dehumidifier, and call your certified HVAC contractor. Additionally, make sure that the company you call is also combustion CO Carbon monoxide certified so they can perform a combustion analysis test on your heating unit so it will not cause carbon monoxide poisoning. For more information, please watch more videos on the ClevelandMarko YouTube channel. Please subscribe to this channel. You can also go the http://houseinvestigations.com for more information. Thank you for watching