Drone Spotted over Cleveland

Drone Spotted over Cleveland. Drones watch, photograph, listen, hunt, and sometimes kill or eliminate people overseas and in other bad places. On American soil, they will watch, spy, listen, and document.As of 2013 from some internet sources, it is estimated that the USA has over 7000 UAV unmanned aerial vehicles drones flying in the air all over the world. Some internet sites state that the USA will have over 30,000 flying UAV drones by 2020. I guess you no longer will be able to put up a weekend addition, shed, or dormer without your city watching you. The drones may watch, record and report you to the property tax people. You may not be able to have a garden or collect rainwater. The drones may report you to the Agenda 21 patrol. You may not be able to work on, paint, or fix your home. The drones will report you the state licensing board patrol. You may longer be able to shoot your BB gun, rifle, or pistol on your land. The drones will report you to Homeland Security. The drones can hear, see, and even touch your evil. The drones can photograph, see, communicate, and even attack. Soon the headlines may read, drones collides accidently killing family of four, drone crashes into building killing 9, drone runs out of gas and collides into politicians home, drone attacks a bad person and some collateral damage results. Furthermore, the drones may sell your personal information to big corporations, banks and the New World Order that will serve the collective. Additionally these Globalist entities may continually spam you.
Disclaimer: This video was a PARODY on drones flying over Cleveland. This video was strictly for your entertainment. The video content is not real, may be fake, and is mostly fabricated for your entertainment. Please rate and subscribe. Please visit Cleveland Home inspector Marko Vovk at <a href="http://
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. If Marko Vovk does not answer or reply, he may have been attacked by a drone, or accidently shot by Homeland Security, or arrested by the State license patrol, or was sent to one of those FEMA reeducation camps where he is detained, or he just does not give a shit , or he may be busy doing a home inspection. This video is strictly for your entertainment. Furthmore, all contents of this video were fabricated (green screen, model plane, and most above facts that sound real ) for your entertainment. Marko is a home inspector with a sense of humor. If you want to learn about real drones go to a real news Youtube station.
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Drone Spotted over Cleveland