Conspiracy Brainwashed Americans Cutting Watering Grass

Conspiracy Brainwashed Americans Watering Grass and USA homeowners Grass Cutting. This video will show how you can find a two extra hours a week to do fun things, how to save money on energy usage, and how to minimize mold, deterioration, and odor in your home. Did you know that 3.4 million people die each year from water, sanitation, and hygiene-related causes? Another 325 million people on this earth do not even have access to water.
However, in America, we pour 9 billion gallons of fresh water onto our grass, plants, shrubs, and landscaping every single day. If we do this for forty (40) more years, it would be enough water to empty out Lake Erie which is part of the Great Lakes. .It is my opinion that one the worlds dumbest inventions is lawn exterior sprinkler irrigation system.
Lets water everything, so everything grows quicker That way we can mow, cut, trim, hedge, and sheer the foliage, grass, shrubs and flowers quicker with our lawnmowers, our cutters, our shears, and our weed whackers Instead of cutting your grass every other week, we now have to cut your grass every week because or watering. We then turn and angle the irrigation sprinklers heads toward so our house so the siding gets wet, causing stains and leaks which can accelerate siding deterioration. Some of us run the water for longer periods of time so the water starts to leak into our basement causing mold, odor, and deterioration. BUY THE WAY, that’s your extra two free hours of time every week that you loose because your grass, is GROWING QUICKER due to watering. You could spend two hours on something fun like playing with your Star Wars memorabilia collection or making goofy Youtube videos or Youtube learning videos. Stop, wait a minute, I did not mean to say all that. We need sprinkler irrigation system grass watering systems so the water and sewer companies can charge us more money, and so those college kids have summer jobs to pay off their school loans. We need to run our electric hedge cutters, and gasoline law mores so all the AL GORES of this world can keep writing books on Global Warming. Finally, spending the extra two hours a week cutting your grass is good exercise so you can burn off some collieries from those McDonalds BIG Macs you had ate last week. What about all those people that work in Americas 40 lawnmower manufacture faculties who produce over 800 different riding mowers and push mowers. They need to keep working so they can pay their healthcare and 30 year mortgages. Bottom line, we need to keep wasting water on our lawns, burring fuel and creating emissions, and people from china that make the TORO need to feed their children too.
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Grass Cutting